20 Top free Muslim Apps Every Muslim should Know About:

20 Top free Muslim Apps Every Muslim should Know About:

Top free Muslim Apps Every Muslim should Know About: Today is the world of smartphone and tablets as no one has traditional gadgets to monitor things. For instance, these days everyone has android applications for monitoring different things. Android and iOS has brought revolution in life and has changed the way of life. There are numerous android and iOS applications which are useful for Muslims as well. Below are the top 20 apps that every Muslim must have in their smartphone.

20 Top free Muslim Apps Every Muslim should Know About:

iQuran Lite:

iQuran Lite is the application of Noble Qur’an having its Arabic with English translation. The application has the audio version of Qur’an as well but you have to download it. The application has numerous features such as bookmarks, search, and tags etc.

Qibla Compass:

Muslims are often facing difficulties in determining the Qibla in non-Muslim countries. With this futuristic app their problem of detecting Kaaba or Qibla is resolved. The app is providing details of prayer times, distance, and direction pointing an arrow towards Qibla.

My prayer:

My prayer is app is for those who are not able to detect the prayer timings. The app is using the latitude and longitude to calculate the prayer timings from the location it gets through phone.

99 Names of Allah:

20 Top free Muslim Apps Every Muslim should Know About:

The app has the audio and Arabic words of the 99 names of Allah Almighty. The benefits and translations of the names is also given. These names are actually the attributes of Allah.

  1. Dua and Azkar:

The app has different dua’s or prayers and azkar or worships for Muslim men and women. The app has different chapters each focusing on different dua and azkar of different timings such as morning, evening, and night etc.

40 Rannanas (Dua’s of Quran):

The app is dedicated for the dua’s from the Noble Qur’an. The app has all the dua’s which starts with Rabbana and the translation and audio of dua’s are also available.

Ayat al Kursi (Throne Verse):

The ayat al Kursi is the verse number 255th of the 2nd Surah or Chapter of Qur’an. The app has the translation and audio in different languages.

Watch Live Makkah 24 Hours:

The app is having live streaming of Mecca 24 hours which Muslims can watch and works with lower internet speeds such as 2G as well.

Muslims Kids Series Dua:

The app is perfect for Muslim kids to learn dua’s from. The app has both Arabic, translation, and audio of every dua.

Hijri Calendar:

The app is very helpful for Muslims to detect the Islamic months such as Ramadhan and dates of Eids.

Al Quran:

The app is of Noble Qur’an in the audio of the voice of Sayed Samad. The app has translation in 30 languages. The app is developed by Sayed Samad.

Scholars of Islam:

The app is for the guidance of Muslims related to everyday problems in the light of Qur’an and Hadith. The app has motivational quotes as well.

My Quran Lite:

The app has the beautiful verses of Qur’an and its translation and audio.

Qamar Deen:

The application is about the tracking of good deeds done in a single day. You can store your deeds from Sadaqah to the recitations of Qur’an.

Supplications- Dua for Every Occasion:

Dua is a weapon for Muslims to succeed in world and life here after. The app has different dua’s for success in both worlds.


The app is for detecting the nearest Halal eating outlets such as restaurants and meat shops etc.

Divine Names:

The app is of the 99 names of Allah Almighty.


The app is having a collection of 5 Hadith books. The books are Sahih Bukhari, Malik Muwatta, Sunan abu Dawud, Hadith Qudsi, and Sahih Muslim.

Islamic Compass Free Prayer Times and Adzan Alarm:

The app is showing the Adzan timing and the prayer starting and ending timings. The app is also displaying the Qibla direction.

iSubha: Islamic Prayers Beads:

The app is having different dua’s which are encouraged in Islam.