Husbands Religion Obligation

Husbands Religion Obligation
Husbands Religion Obligation

Allah has made him the head of the family,their guide and protector.

He must discharge the pure duty intelligently and with compassion.

Thereby he will make his path to Paradise easy.


The Prophet S.A.W Said, The fire of hell is covered with temporary desires but paradise with hardship.

Allah has not sent men here to be lost in the labyrinth of the world’s temptation like earning wealth pursuing desires etc.How many husbands today discharge their responsibilities to their wives and childrens?let them examine themselves honestly.

Most of them prefer to amass wealth and gain fame in the world.

Man is busy all day with his wordly pursuits and in the evening he puts forward the plea of fatigue to shun his religious duties or he meets his friends for gossip.Hence he leaves his family to the devil.

(Guiding Principles Of A Married Life)