Say the Qunut dua and never give up hope

Say the Qunut dua and never give up hope
Say the Qunut dua and never give up hope

Here is a type of the Qunut supplication which may be said daily in the Witr prayer after Esha as well as in the Fajr prayer in times of great difficulty and hardship. Dua is the weapon of the believers and in the remembrance of Allah, Most High, their hearts find repose, sweetness, and comfort. Therefore say this dua and remain firm in faith despite what challenges confront us.

اللَّهُمَّ اهْدِنَا فِيمَنْ هَدَيْتَ ، وَعَافِنَا فِيمَنْ عَافَيْتَ ، وَتَوَلَّنَا فِيمَنْ تَوَلَّيْتَ ، وَبَارِكْ لَنَا فِيمَا أَعْطَيْتَ ، وَقِنَا شَرَّ مَا قَضَيْتَ ، إِنَّكَ تَقْضِي وَلا يُقْضَى عَلَيْكَ ، إِنَّهُ لا يَذِلُّ مَنْ وَالَيْتَ، [وَلَا يَعِزُّ مَنْ عَادَيْتَ]، تَبَارَكْتَ رَبَّنَا وَتَعَالَيْتَ، لـَـكَ الـْحـَـمـْـدُ عَـلـَى مَـا قـَضَيْتَ، نـَسْـتـَغـْـفِـرُكَ اللــّهـُـمَّ و نـَـتـُوْبُ إلـَيْـك.

Allaahum-mahdinaa feeman hadayta, wa ‘aafinaa feeman ‘aafayta, wa tawallanaa feeman tawallayta, wa baarik lanaa feemaa ‘a’atayta, wa qinee sharra maa qadhayta, fa’innaka taqdhee wa laa yuqdhaa ‘alayka, ‘innahu laa yathillu man waalayta, [wa laa ya ‘izzu man ‘aadayta] , tabaarakta Rabbanaa wa ta’aalayta lakal hamdu ‘alaa maa qadhayta, nastaghfiruk Allahumaa wa natoobu ilayk.

O Allah , guide us with those whom You have guided , and strengthen us with those whom You have given strength. Take us to Your care with those whom You have taken to Your care. Bless us in what You have given us. Protect us from the evil You have ordained. Surely, You command and are not commanded, and none whom You have committed to Your care shall be humiliated [and none whom You have taken as an enemy shall taste glory] . You are Blessed , Our Lord , and Exalted. Yours is all praise for what you have ordained. Thus we seek your forgiveness, O Allah, and we repent to you.

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