10 Differentiating Beliefs of Muslims and Christians


Christians beliefs vs Muslim beliefs:

1- God

Muslim beliefs say that the God is three gods merged into one God. This one God is called a Trinity. however, to mention that God is 3 is a blasphemy of the best order. All 3 elements of the Trinity are “coequal” “co-eternal” and “the equal substance.” for that reason, this doctrine is defined as “a mystery.”
Christians beliefs say that the God is one God in the maximum simple, easy, and elementary which means of the phrase. He has no youngsters, no mother and father nor any equal. In Islam God is known via the name “Allah” and greater than ninety nine different commemorated names, which include “the Merciful,” “the Gracious,” “the All-powerful,” and so forth.

2- Jesus

The second one member of the Triune God, the Son of the primary a part of the Triune God, and at the equal time “absolutely” God in every respect.
A very decide on and pretty esteemed messenger of God. No Muslim is a Muslim if he does no longer trust this.

3- The Holy Spirit

The 1/3 member of the Triune God, however additionally “fully” God in each admire.
He’s the angel Gabriel. The angel Gabriel is tremendously esteemed because the “honest Spirit”

4- Mary the mom of Jesus

A chaste and pious human woman who gave delivery to Jesus Christ, the second one member of the Trinity, the Son of God, and at the equal time “completely” God Almighty in each recognize.
A chaste and pious human girl who become selected, purified, and preferred over all the women of creation to be the one to give start to Gods opt for messenger Jesus through the command of God without any father whatsoever.

5- The phrase

Apart of God which became “with” God however additionally “absolutely” God and then have become Jesus the Son of God.
God’s command “Be!” which led to Jesus’ thought inside the womb of Mary without the need for a human father.

6- Preceding Prophets

All popular, reputable, and believed.
All time-honored, reputable, and believed.

7- The Bible

Regularly occurring as 100% the ideal phrase of God
Muslims agree with inside the books of the previous prophets together with the “Torah” which turned into despatched to Moses, the “Zaboor” (Psalms) which had been given to David, the “Injeel” (Gospel) which changed into given to Jesus, and the Qur’an which become given to Muhammad however, Muslims are informed that the preceding scriptures were tampered with by means of mankind and the Bible must most effective be customary in as a ways as it’s miles confirmed with the aid of the Qur’an. it’s miles to be dealt with with respect, however any statements which without a doubt oppose the ones of the Qur’an are to be rejected because the paintings of mankind.

8- Muhammad

Various beliefs. some consider that he become a liar, some believe he become a lunatic, some believe he turned into the fake Messiah, and but others claim he turned into deceived by the devil.

The closing messenger of God to all of humanity. He become referred to as “The truthful, the straightforward” before he received his first revelation. He become sent by God as a mercy to all advent. He turned into a person but performed a number of miracles during his lifetime by using the will of God.

9- The Qur’an

Various beliefs ranging from it being a duplicate of the Bible to it being the work of Muhammad (pbuh), to it is being the paintings of Christians and Jews who have been conspiring with Muhammad.

The closing e book of God despatched to mankind. It was given the distinction of being for my part guarded by using God from human tampering. it’s miles on a literary stage in no way before visible by mankind. No Arab to at the present time has ever been capable of meet it is mission to “write a piece similar to it.” It shall remain secure from the tampering of mankind till the day of Judgment as a guidance for all Humanity.

10- Message of Jesus

That he became sent by means of God (who was at the equal time “fully” Jesus) so one can die at the pass and save all mankind from the sin of Adam. with out this sacrifice all of humanity was destined to perish within the sin of Adam. After the crucifixion all that is required of humanity is faith without any works.

That he became despatched with the aid of God as a messenger to the Jews for you to go back them to the pure and genuine faith of Moses, and to relieve them of a number of the policies which were positioned upon them in historical instances. He taught them to believe in addition to works. Neither it is easy to stand by myself.