15 Benefits of Recitation of Quran


1. Resurrection

“In reality, the strength of this Surah Al-Fatihah is so fantastic that it’s miles stated that if one have been to recite it 70 instances over a dead body, you have to now not become surprised if that frame starts transferring (ie. comes returned to existence).”

2. Quran prevents from Squeezing inside the Grave

“In ‘tafseer al-burhan’; it is written that Imam Ali (a.s.) has stated if you recite Surah The ladies on every Friday, you will stay safe from the squeezing in the grave.”

3. Islamic Crime Prevention and Wild Animal control techniques

“Writing Surah The increased locations with rose water and saffron and preserving the writing always ensures protection from enemies and wild animals.”

4. Domestic & hearth insurance

“it’s miles narrated that keeping Surah The Repentance over one’s head from the Quran (like in a cap) is a safety from thieves and destruction of property by means of hearth.”

5. Quran recitation keeps Lifting insurance

“The Surah Yunus from Quran may be used as a way of figuring out thieves from amongst your workers. that is done through either writing the surah and under it writing the names of all the people in the residence or workplace who may be suspected of stealing after which maintaining this writing inside the residence. it’ll, after some time, turn out to be appear who the thief is.”

6. Superman Syndrome

“Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) has said that writing the Surah Hudon on a sheepskin and preserving it in one’s possession at all times makes one so courageous and ambitious that no person can defeat him in fight.”

7. Holy Quran calling on Democracy in action

“If the Surah Ra’d is written at night time, after the time for Isha prayers, below a candlelight, after which hung out of doors the door of a tyrant ruler’s palace, then the ruler will perish and so will his manipulate over the people. His navy and his supporters will betray him and nobody will pay attention to him.”

8. recommendation for the Lactose illiberal participants of FFI

“in the remark of Burhan, it is mentioned that writing the Surah Ibrahim on a white parchment after which making a baby put on it as a talisman continues the kid safe from illnesses and makes it easy for him to drink and digest milk.”

9. advice to the Lovelorn of FFI

in Quran “If a female isn’t getting married and he or she needs to get married, she have to take ghusl (tub) with water in which the surah Taha has been dissolved and by way of the need of Allah (s.w.t.) she can get married.”

10. The treatment for Alcoholism

“If Surah The Believers is written (at night) and put on the neck of a drunkard, he’ll begin hating intoxicating beverages and could stop this horrific dependancy.”

11. moist dreams recommendation for the younger adult males of FFI

“The 6th Imam (a.s.) said that preserving Surah The mild in one’s bed prevents moist dreams.”

12. No Poverty & the Evil Eye

“Reciting Surah al-Humazah in compulsory prayers maintains a person safe from poverty. maintaining this surah in a talisman round one’s neck acts as a safety from the ‘evil eye’.”

13. Jinn protection

“maintaining Surah Al-Jinn in a single’s possession guarantees protection from the Jinn, victory in debate or war of words, and safety of possession and wealth.”

14. The 3 for one choice Surah

“For reciting Surah Nuh, he’ll get 3 locations in Jannah in place of one and he could be given 200 houries.”

15. The cure for most cancers & the whole lot!

“Recitation of Surah The Hypocrites over a wound will heal it and over any pain will therapy the pain. In reality, it is a therapy for all illnesses and ailments.”