How to Convert in Islam


To convert in islam one need to genuinely pronounce the Shahaadatayn (assertion of religion) with sincerity and conviction. The Shahadah may be declared as follows:


The English translation is:
“I endure witness that there may be no deity worth to be worshiped but Allah, and that i undergo witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.”

The Shahadah is the dividing line between unbelief (kufr) and Islam. it is also referred to as the kalimah (word). Whoever says it with truthfulness will enter the Gardens of Paradise

it’s miles [a kalimah] that Allah Himself has testified to, as have the angels and those who own knowledge from among His advent. Allah the maximum high said:

“Allah bears witness that none has the right to be worshiped except Him; as do the angels and those who own understanding. He maintains His introduction upon justice. None has the proper to be worshiped except Him, the All-amazing, All-clever.”
[Qur’aan Aal-Imraan 3:18]

it’s far a concise statement that carries few letters; mild upon the tongue, yet heavy inside the scales.

Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam, who stated: “a person from my ummah might be summoned in front of all and sundry on the Day of Resurrection. 90-9 scrolls may be unfurled for him, each scroll extending as far as the eye can see. Then it will be said: Do you deny any of this [i.e. your bad deeds]? So the person will respond: No, zero Lord. Then it’ll be said: Do you have any excuse or any properly deed? the person, in a state of terror, will answer: No. it’ll then be said: as a substitute, you do have some suitable deeds and no injustice will befall you nowadays. So a parchment will be taken out for him, upon which there can be the testification of laa ilaaha illallaah and the testification that Muhammad is the Slave and Messenger of Allah. the person will say: 0h Lord, what is this parchment in assessment to those scrolls! it is going to be said to him: No injustice shall befall you. The scrolls will then be positioned in one of the scales and the parchment in the other; the scrolls can be light in weight, while the parchment might be heavy.” ( mentioned by using at-Tirmidhee (no.2641), from Abdullaah ibn Amr radhiyallahu anhu. It became declared to be saheeh by Shaykh al-Albaanee in as-Saheehah ( hundred thirty five).

The conditions of the Shahadah

To convert in Islam, announcing the testimony of religion is enough to make one to convert to Islam. There are but, seven situations that should be located before it could efficaciously make one to convert to Islam. those are describe as follows:

1- knowledge (Al-ilm)
knowledge (al-ilm) of its meaning, what it negates and affirms. If someone says it without knowing its that means, nor what its necessities are, then he’s going to now not advantage by it, due to the fact he has not believed in what it calls for. instead, he’s like a person who speaks in a language that he does no longer understand.

2- Certainty (Al-Yaqeen)
To convert to Islam, The coronary heart must be firmly certain of the meaning of Shahadah with out a blemish of doubt.

Allah the Exalted says: “Verily, the believers are only folks who without a doubt believe in Allah and His Messenger, and then doubt now not.” (Quran 49:15).

The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: “I undergo witness that there is no god but Allah, and i am the Messenger of Allah. No slave meets Allah with this testimony, having no question in it however shall enter Jannah.”( Muslim) :

3- Sincerity (Al-Ikhlaas)
To convert in Islam, you have to solely worshiping Allah, that is contrary to shirk. this is what laa ilaaha illallaah points in the direction of.

Allah, the Exalted, said: “and that they have been no longer commanded but to worship Allah, being sincere in devoting religion to Him.” (Quran ninety eight:5).

Abu Hurairah said: “I requested the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him: Messenger of Allah! Who might be maximum lucky to experience your shafa’ah (intercession) on the Day of Resurrection? The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: i used to be sure that nobody else could question me approximately this aside from you, due to the fact i have observed your keenness for hadeeth. The most lucky of men who will revel in my shafa’ah on the Day of Resurrection is the one who says: (los angeles Ilaha Illa Allah) “None has the proper to be worshiped except Allah”, simply from his coronary heart..”(Musnad al-Imam Ahmad.)

4- Truthfulness (As-Sidq)
To convert to Islam, you must have Truthfulness (as-sidq), which prevents hypocrisy (nifaaq). certainly, the hypocrites uttered it with their tongues, however did now not inwardly agree with in what it signified.

The Messenger of Allah stated: “anybody testifies that there is no god however Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, truthfully from his coronary heart, Allah might forbid his admittance to the fireplace.”(Muslim)

5- Love and affection (Al-Mahabbah )

Love (al-mahabbah) for this kalimah and having love and satisfaction for whatever it necessitates. this is opposite to the [state of the] hypocrites.

The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: “There are 3 (traits), whoever possesses them, will flavor the sweetness of Iman (notion): to love Allah and His Messenger more than all of us else, to like the Muslim only for the sake of Allah, and to dread returning to kufr (apostasy) as he dreads being thrown in fireplace.” ( Bukhari and Muslim.)

Allah says to His Messenger (peace be upon him)
Say (O Muhammad saw to mankind): “if you (genuinely) love Allah then follow me (i.e. be given Islamic Monotheism, comply with the Quran and the Sunnah), Allah will love you and forgive you of your sins. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, maximum Merciful.” (3:31)

Allah says: “Allah shall bring forth a human beings whom He loves and that they love Him.” (Quran five:fifty four)

The Prophet, peace be upon him, also stated: “None of you shall (absolutely) accept as true with till I end up more expensive to him than his very own father, and son and all mankind.” ( Bukhari and Muslim.)

6- submission (Al-Inqiyaad) internally and externally
Submissive compliance (al-inqiyaad), by using gratifying its rights – that are the compulsory movements – with sincerity to Allah and looking for His suitable delight. this is its requirement. Allah, the Exalted, says: “And he who submits himself to Allah, and does accurate, he has certainly grasped a sturdy manage.” ( Quran 31:22).

Allah additionally says: “And flip you to your Rabb, and submit yourselves to Him.” (:Quran 39:fifty four).

7- reputation and conformity (Al-Qubool)
acceptance (al-qabool), which prevents rejection.
that is executed by way of appearing upon what Allah has commanded and forsaking some thing He has prohibited.
Abu Musa al-Ash’aree stated that the Prophet, peace be upon him said: “the parable of steerage and information which Allah has sent me with is like a rain which fell on a land. A patch of that land acquired the water and produced a whole lot herbage and grass. And a patch which became barren. The latter retained water wherewith Allah prolonged blessings to men: they drank from it, irrigated and planted their flora. And a patch which turned into a sandy simple, it neither retained water nor produced herbage. this is parallel to the person who conceived the religion of Allah and benefited from the Message with which Allah has despatched me, whereby he learns and taught others. the opposite man or woman grew to become away from it (from
my Message), and rejected the steerage of Allah with which i’m sent..” Bukhari and Muslim.)

Allah says “indeed inside the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad peace be upon him) you have got a terrific example to observe for him who hopes in (the meeting with) Allah and the ultimate Day and recalls Allah tons.”(33:21)

And Allah also says in Surah Al-Hashr

And in anyway the Messenger (Muhammad peace be upon him) offers you, take it, and in anyway he forbids you, abstain (from it) , and worry Allah. Verily, Allah is severe in punishment. (fifty nine:7)

Once more Allah says:
O you who accept as true with! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger (Muhammad peace be upon him), and those of you (Muslims) who’re in authority. (And) in case you range in some thing among yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger ( peace be upon him), in case you trust in Allah and in the closing Day. that is better and greater suitable for final determination.(four:fifty nine)

And Allah says:
but no, by means of your Lord, they can haven’t any religion, until they make you (O Muhammad ) judge in all disputes between them, and locate in themselves no resistance against your decisions, and be given (them) with full submission.

within the next verse Allah once more tells his Messenger

Say (O Muhammad peace be upon him): “Obey Allah and the Messenger (Muhammad peace be upon him).” however in the event that they pull away, then Allah does now not just like the disbeliever’s” (3:32)

Islam unites together humans of various colorations, languages, races. and nationalities into one brotherhood.

Allah says: “certainly the Believers are however brothers.” [Quran 4 9:10]

before Islam human beings in Arabia had been dived into specific tribes. some of them had been at consistent struggle with each other, Islam got here and Allah put peace and love in their hearts for every other.

Allah the maximum high stated: “And bear in mind the want of Allah upon you, for you were as soon as enemies to one another but He joined your hearts collectively in love, in order that with the aid of His Grace you became brothers.” [Soorah Aal-Imraan 3:103]

And Allah the maximum high stated: “He it’s miles that has reinforced you together with his assist and with the Believers. And moreover, He has united their hearts with love and affection. if you had spent all that is in the earth, you couldn’t have united their hearts with love and affection. but, Allah has united them. indeed Allah is the All-potent, All-clever.” [Soorah al-Anfaal 8:62- 63].

Allah has said in the Holy Quran:

“whoever disbelieves in false deities and believes in Allah, hath grasped the maximum straightforward handhold, so that it will never destroy…” (2:256)