How Muslims Pray in Islam


Prayer in Islam, is worship of Allah the Almighty, praiseful and Thanking Him, acknowledging His Sovereignty and committing oneself to adjust and bear in mind Him in the slightest degree times. it’s the central a part of some way of life, that is predicated on submission to the Creator people all.

The 5 prayers square measure among the most effective acts of worship that the Muslim performs. activity them is that the best deed when having the right belief in God and His traveller. Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), was asked what the most effective deed was and he aforementioned it absolutely was activity the obligatory prayers at the start of their times.

1.Make your intention best-known in your heart. Before initiating the salaah, it’s vital that your intention be best-known and understood. Not essentially aloud, however from inside.You may admit what number rakats you’re reaching to do and for what purpose. no matter it’s, take care you mean it.

2.Raise your hands up to your ears and say during a moderate tone “Allah – Akbar ” This interprets to, “Allah is that the greatest.” do that whereas standing.

3.Place your hand over your left on your navel and keep your eyes centered on the place you’re standing. don’t let your eyes wander.
4.Bend down. whereas bending, say “Allah – Akbar.” Bend your body in order that your back and neck square measure straight and level with the bottom, keeping your eyes there. Your back and head ought to be during a ninety degree angle along with your legs. This position is termed “ruku’.”
5.Stand make a copy (raise from ruku’). while rising up recite “Sameya – Allahu – leman – Hameda along with your arms beside you.”

This means, “Allah hears those that praise Him. O our Lord, and every one praise is to you.” while standing up recite Rabana Walakal Hamd once.
6.Go down and place your head, knees and hands on the ground. this is often the position referred to as “sajdah.” while doing that say, “Allah – Akbar.”

7.Rise from sajdah and sit on your knees. Place your left foot from ball to heel on the ground. Your right foot ought to be toes on the ground solely. Place your hands flat on your knees. come back to sajda

9.Arise from sajda. rise up and say, “”Allah – Akbar.” you’ve got completed one Rakat. betting on the time of day, you will have to be compelled to complete up to 3 a lot of.In each second rakaat, when second sajda, sit on your knee once more and recite ”

Terminate the prayers with as-salaam. when the tashahhud, pray to Supreme Being before language off with these movements and words:

Turn your head to the correct and say, “As Salam Alaykum Evergreen State Rahmatullahi Evergreen State Barakatuhu’.” The angel World Health Organization records your smart deeds is to the present facet.

Turn your head to the left and say, “As Salam Alaykum Evergreen State Rahmatullahi Evergreen State Barakatuhu’.” The angel World Health Organization records your wrongful deeds is to the present facet. The prayers have ended!