10 Common Mistakes Regarding Prayers


Offering Salah or prayer is made compulsory on Muslim men and women five times a day.

There are specific timing of the prayers which needed to be followed at any cost. Moreover, there are some other factors which must be considered to make it sure that prayers are not void. The following are the top ten such mistakes that Muslims need to avoid while offering Salah.

1. Intentionally Delaying Salah

One of the main mistake that Muslim commit throughout the world is delaying the Salah deliberately. When Azan is called from nearby Mosque, Muslims should try to offer Salah as a unit in the Mosque. But if such is not possible, then they must offer Salah individually at the right time. Delaying Salah intentionally without any reason is among sins. The Noble Qur’an mentions that “Guard strictly five obligatory prayers, especially the middle Salah i.e. Asr Prayer”. The verse has the word safeguard which refers to offering the Salah at right time.

2. Recitation of Verses Fast while Offering Salah

While Muslims are offering Salah, they must recite the entire Salah including the verses of Qur’an slowly. Fast recitation will result in the voiding of Salah as the verses are getting intermingled. There is a saying of Sahaba regarding the issue stating that “Prophet Mohammad used to take pauses after reciting each verse of the chapter Fatiha of the Noble Qur’an”.

3. Taking Moments before Imam in the Congregational Prayers

One of other common mistakes that Muslims are committing is their moments before the actions of Imam in the congregational prayers. The Muslims are advised to follow the Imam exactly in the same manner, otherwise their Salah would become void. There is a saying of Prophet Mohammad stating that “surely the Imam has to be followed”.

4. Offering Salah Hastily

Salah is supposed to be performed slowly and steadily with pauses and calmness. The Rukkoo and Sajood must be performed slowly and unhurriedly. The correct posture must be maintained while going for Rukkoo or Sajood. Moreover, the recitation of words must be proper and with correct pronunciation.

5. Gazing while Offering Prayers

All Muslim men and women must make it sure that they don’t gaze while offering Salah. While performing Salah one must concentrate on the proper posture, pronunciation, and recitation of the verses. The one who is offering prayer must imagine that Almighty Allah is seeing him/her. Moreover, Salah has been named as the conversation with Almighty Allah.

6. Improper Preformation of Sajood

While going for Sajood in Salah one must maintain the proper posture. Your nose and forehead must touch ground. Hands must be bended and touching ground while feet must remain intact with the ground.

7. Not Offering Prayers in Illness and Traveling

There is no exception for the five compulsory prayers even if you have illness or you are travelling. There are some relaxation to offer prayers but there are no exceptions. For instance a person in travel may offer two Fard rather than complete Salah. But the prayer of Maghrib needs to be offered as 3 Fard as normal prayer. Similarly a person who is having illness might offer Salah through gestures.

8. Crossing Person offering Salah

Crossing a person while he/she is offering Salah is among the greatest sins. Prophet Mohammad has stated that “if the person who is crossing another while he/she is offering Salah come to know its consequences, he/she would long remain standing there for forty years till the end of Salah”.

9. Joining Salah while Walking Rapidly in Mosque

When the time of Salah approaches while going to Mosque to offer any prayer, Muslims are advised to join then slowly. According to the saying of Prophet Mohammad “when the prayer has started and you should not move quickly to join in. Proceed calmly and reposefully and then join the Salah. Offer prayer with them whichever is remaining and then complete the rest that you have missed”.

10. Offering Prayer after Eating Smelly Food

Consuming smelly food and then going to offer Salah in Mosque is prohibited as this smell might irritate some other Muslim brother. For instance eating garlic, onion, or smoking etc. Muslims are advised to wash mouth and then go to offer Salah.