5 Muslim Girl Problems


Living a life being a Muslim girl these days is not that easy. The Muslim girls are facing numerous problems all across the globe. Most of such problems are either based on stereotypes, racial discrimination, or religious biases. Some of the most widely faced problems by Muslim girls across the globe are explained as below.

Suitable Clothes to Wear

Some of the Muslim families are living abroad in non-Muslim countries for over years. Finding the suitable clothes to wear is their main problem that they encounter. The markets in the non-Muslim countries don’t have clothes which are appropriate for Muslim girls. Such clothes are mostly of recent fashion trends which if worn by Muslim girls would damage their grace. This is because such clothes have openings of the showoff of different body parts. For instance, a Muslim girl cannot wear shorts with sleeveless shirt because she is prohibited by religion to do so. Similarly, they cannot wear other short clothes as well displaying some of their body parts.


Hijab is the covering of head or hair along with neck area. Hijab is made compulsory for Muslim girls in Islam. Muslim girls are supposed to wear hijab irrespective of the country or place they are living. These day most of the non-Muslim countries are imposing ban on hijab. Muslim girls are facing difficulties in following their religion in such countries as the rules are not supporting it. Even if in some countries hijab is not banned, and Muslim girls opt to wear it, they are criticized and made fun of.

Arranged Marriage

As it is obvious that love marriage is entirely prohibited in the religion of Islam and Muslim girls are supposed to tie knot with permission of their parents. Such marriages are known as arranged marriages. When Muslim girls are intended to marry with reference to their parents, they questioned on their autonomy. Muslim girls are looked at pity and disgrace when it comes to arranged marriages in the non-Muslim countries or by non-Muslims.


Muslim girls are not abandoned to do makeup but such formalities beyond limitations are definitely prohibited. This is because makeup is a source of attracting stranger men towards them which might cause any trouble in future. Such cases might lead to the love before marriage which is prohibited in Islam. Moreover, Muslim girls are prohibited to display their beauties with an exception to their husband only.

No Ablution with Makeup

Muslims are supposed to make ablution before each prayer they offer. When Muslim girls would wear makeup and then go for ablution, this is not the right way for ablution. This is because in ablution you have to pour water through the skin but wearing any makeup is not making it possible. For instance, having nail polish on nails of hands or feet would result in breakage of ablution.

Shaking Hands with men

Today is the era of corporate and business where men and women are working together irrespective of gender and biases. Muslim girls are even forbidden to shake hands with strange men and display their beauty in front of them. Therefore, shaking hands with men is a real problem faced by Muslim girls across the globe these days. If any Muslim girl is restraining herself from hand shake with any man, she is targeted as narrow minded and backward.

Late Night Parties

Muslims are forbidden to drink alcohol are use any other drugs but all of such activities are open these days. Such activities are often done late at night which they have given attractive title as late night parties. Muslim girls are forbidden to be out of home in late hours. Therefore, they are not able to go in such parties.