How to Survive a Muslim Marriage


Islam is a complete pathway to be followed to spend life. Islam has guidance for its believers and followers regarding each step of life. Marriage is an important factor in Muslims life. Marriage is the Sunnah and is obligatory in one’s life. There are numerous guidelines in Islam to service the marriage life. For instance if any in the couple snore, like to sleep early, sleeping late, stubbornness, and easy going etc. The guidance is for everyone to follow to service the married life. Having the disagreements in the married life is not a new thing but keeping on the conflicts in married life is the worst thing. Following is the guideline to service the Muslim marriage in detail.

Knowing the Difficulties

The movies and social media have created an imaginary picture of the married life to be free of tensions and stress. But the reality is quite different as Muslims might face several difficulties in their married life. Even the fairytales have several twists in them with the happy endings. Therefore, knowing the difficulties that a person might face in the married life will make it easier for them to adjust to.


Forgiving is an art and is respected in the religion of Islam especially in married life. Having a heart to forgive is something eliminating most of the difficulties of the life. When you would be able to forgive your spouse with open heart over the minor and major mistake that he/she do will encourage him/her to be faithful and avoid conflicts. This would overall service the Muslim marriage.


Patience is very important in married life and is considered as virtue. When Muslim men and women would have patience almost 90 percent of the conflicts would be eliminated. It often takes time to understand the other person and in married life you have to understand your spouse. Without understanding peaceful life is impossible. Moreover, no person is perfect and everyone has some limitations and shortcomings. Therefore avoiding those shortcomings with patience would service the marriage.

Talking about the Problems

When any of the spouses have some reservations or problems, then they must discuss it to avoid conflicts. The communication is the main weapon to eradicate the chances of conflicts. Therefore, the Muslim men and women must have time to talk one on one about their reservations to service their marriage. Moreover, the spouses have to spend their entire lives together, therefore they have to talk about the problems they have.


Appreciation is a way of neglecting or eliminating the chances of conflicts. A person can easily remove the chances of fights by appreciating minor things. For instance, when a husband would appreciate the meals his wife cook for him would definitely serve the marriage. Taking everything for granted is only creating conflicts. Therefore, the Muslim spouses are advised to appreciate each other for minor and major things to service their marriage.

Avoid Fights

Muslim spouses are advised not to sweat over small matters but to bear them with gratitude to service the marriage. The spouses are bound to bear small matters and not to open up but to talk about it in a peaceful environment to resolve the problems.

Praying together

Muslim spouses must pray together to have a blessed life forever. The goal should be seeking blessings of God for a peaceful life. This will not only strengthen their faith in God but also service the marriage.


The compromise is another name of avoiding he conflicts in married life and enhancing the lifetime of the muslim marriage. Therefore, the Muslim spouses are advised to compromise with each other over different matters to have a peaceful life and service marriage.