About Us

SaySubhanAllah.com is a web portal designed simply for sharing Quran Ayats, Prayers, Hadiyats and all other Islamic teachings which can help all Muslims across the world. SaySubhanAllah.com is a website operated and maintained by the team of Bianimations.

Initially we were publishing our Islamic content on our other website thepictureland.com, but after the great success and even greater feedback from our Islamic content we decided to make a separate website simply for Quranic Ayats and Hadiyats.

All our Content that we publish on our website or on our facebook pages  “Verses Of Quran” and “Voice Of Quran” is carefully selected and authenticated. We make sure whatever we publish we publish with proper and authenticate references.

Our goal is simple to help ourselves and you to better understand Islam. Since it is a learning process for all of us so if you have any suggestions do contact us through our website or through our Facebook pages.