Best weight for a Muslim


Best Weight for a Muslim is something which most people are so conscious of. Men and women are equally worried about their weight. When the weight is increasing they are tending and sorting ways to reduce the weight and when it’s decreasing, they are trying to gain the weight. However Muslims are supposed to have a balanced weight. Muslims should neither have a huge body and nor a fragile one.

Best weight for a Muslim

Qur’anic Diet for Losing Weight

When Muslim feel they have gained some extra kilos and should reduce weight, they must go for the Quranic diet. The Quranic diet is the food which has been mentioned in the Noble Quran to be used as food. For instance, dairy, meat, and fruit etc. The olive oil is very healthy for human bodies and is reducing the excess fats which are stored beneath the skin. Honey is also very good food and full of nutrition. Sugar should be avoided as much as possible. Similarly, the use of white flour must be reduced along with some other processed food. The grains and nuts must be avoided if you are able to do so. This is because these foods are mentioned in lesser quantity or even not mentioned in the Quran. Whereas meat is mentioned more than 100 times in Quran but grains is mentioned just 7 times only.

What is Qur’anic Diet?

The diet mentioned in the Quran is the similar to the Paleolithic diet which has been in the news often these days. The diet is having its focus on the natural and hunter gathered food mainly. The food is which was enjoyed by our forefathers and their ancestors by most and that is the fruits and meat.

Why we Get Fat?

Best weight for a Muslim

The most scientific research book written in the history is “Why we get fat” and the book has mentioned several important reasons for it. One of the reasons is that people are eating food which contains sugar and flour in it. The excess of sugar and flour are the main cause of carbohydrates which stores in the form of fats in the body. When Muslims are not eating much of meat, they are focusing on the carbohydrates containing food which trigger the disgust responses such as fats. When the Muslims are consuming much of protein and fats the bodies are having mechanism of throwing the excess and unrequired amount of food that is eaten. But the body has no mechanism for getting rid of the excess of carbohydrates which are ultimately stored in the human bodies. The carbohydrates are then not thrown out of the bodies and is the reason behind the fats of Muslim bodies.

Best Food for Muslims to have Balanced Body

Muslims are advised to have fruits and meat in the priority to have a balanced weight and good health. Moreover they are also required to have a check and balance of the weight of their body. It is worth mentioning that having fruits in the form of juices is not a good choice, but the fruits must be consumed as a whole as the juices have concentrated sugars than the whole fruits. For instance, a glass of juice of apple will have concentrated sugars more than the 10 oranges. Therefore the fruits should be consumed as a whole rather than in any other shape.