Prayers For Health


For Anger Frusteration And High Fever


ya naru koonee bardan wasalaman AAala ibraheema ….21:69

…..”O fire, be coolness and safety upon Abraham.” 21:69….

If a child or person is suffering from perpetual weakness,
read Durud before and after this Ayat 3 times,
repeat this process 41 times daily for 21 days.

Wakathalika makanna liyoosufa fee alardi yatabawwao minha haythu yashao nuseebu birahmatina man nashao wala nudeeAAu ajra almuhsineena…. Surah 12. Yusuf, Ayah 56

And thus We established Joseph securely in the land [of Egypt]: he had full mastery over it [doing] whatever he willed. [Thus do] We cause Our grace to alight upon whomever We will; and We do not fail to requite the doers of good. 56