Dua For Pain

Dua For Payment Of Loan

Dua For Nightmare

Dua For Dead Person

Dua For Happy Family

Dua If You Can’t Sleep

Prayer For Lost Things

Dua For Parents

Prayer To Have Children

Sleeping Dua

Dua For Forgiveness

Dua For Health

Dua For Family Problems

Most Powerful Dua

Dua For Problems

Dua For Marriage

Dua For Success

Istikhara for Marriage

When fever or pain increases

Dua on a burn injury

When tired of life

At the time of fire

When consoling someone

For pain of the eye

When someone’s child dies

When burying the dead

When entering the cemetry

For the cure of any illness

To soothe ill children

Dua by an ill person

When death is eminent

When meeting another Muslim

Returning Salaam

Dua when sneezing

When hearing someone sneeze

Upon the thought of a bad omen

Dua to pay off debts

Dua after salaat of need


When visiting the sick

For any calamity

At the time of rain

When rain exceeds the limits