Health Tips for Muslim Men and Women

Health Tips for Muslim Men and Women

Health Tips for Muslim Men and Women: Health is wealth they say and it’s a very well said quotation. Islam is also teaching the lesson to stay healthy and remain health conscious. In Islam cleanliness is disclosed as half faith and health is directly related to cleanliness. Islam has been teaching the tips and tricks of staying healthy. Some of those tips are explained in detail below.

  1. Eating in Moderation
Health Tips for Muslim Men and Women

Healthy body is the guarantee of healthy and wise mind. Islam has always stressed on the moderation in every step of life. The Prophet of Islam Mohammad has stressed to have food in moderation. Eating less food would result in the weakness which will give birth to sickness and diseases. While having food in excess with will result in health issues as well. Therefore there must be moderation to remain healthy. According to the teachings of Islam a person’s stomach must be filled 1/3rd of food, 1/3rd of water, and 1/3rd of breath to remain healthy.

  1. Slow Eating

It is often said that the process of digestion takes place as soon as food enters mouth. The food must be chewed properly so as the stomach might find it easy to digest. This is because approximately 15 minutes is taken by the body to signal brain that stomach is full. Therefore slow eating of food and sufficient chewing would ensure a good health and digestion process.

  1. Sports
Health Tips for Muslim Men and Women

Health Tips for Muslim.Prophet Mohammad has always encouraged the sports activities. The sports such as running, swimming, and horse riding are encouraged for having a good physique and healthy lifestyle. Islam is also in favor of exercise to keep the body in good shape. According to the saying of Prophet Mohammad “A strong believer is better and dearer to God than a weak believer, though in both is good.”

  1. Salah and Proper Sleep

Offering Salah five times a day is also keeping a person healthy. When a person is offering Salah and is in the position of Sajood, certain harmful rays are emitted out of the body of humans which release stress and pressure. Moving in the prayer for different positions is also a kind of exercise which keeps your body in shape. Therefore Salah must be offered five times a day by Muslim Men and Women to remain healthy.

Sleep is also very important in order to be healthy. Prophet Mohammad has always recommended to have a proper balanced sleep. Prophet Mohammad never kept himself deprived of sleep and neither overslept. Muslim can sleep during nights as well as they can sleep after having meals in the afternoon. This would keep them very healthy and sharp minded. An adequate amount of sleep is keeping you away of diseases and obesity.

  1. Sharing Food

Prophet Mohammad has always recommended to share food with fellows. Prophet Mohammad used to share his food with followers. According to the saying of Prophet Mohammad “He is not a believer who eats to his full but his neighbor goes without food.” Islam has the lessons to share food with fellows, neighbors, and poor as well.

  1. Fasting
Health Tips for Muslim Men and Women

The modern evidences based on years of research has proven that the timing during which we eat or abstain from food has impact on our bodies and health. Fasting is one of the practices that has been proven with evidence to be healthy activity. Muslims who fast during the month of Ramadhan are expecting to lose weight but they actually don’t and is because of the healthiness of the month.  During fasting you don’t lose weight but you get a healthy routine.