Islam Facts


26 Most Critical Facts About Islam

Islam is the religion under the knife of west and media. There are numerous propagandas going on against Islam throughout the world. Islam is now day’s portrayed as the religion of violence and hatred. But the reality is quite different. Because of some strayed Muslims, the entire religion is declared as the religion of hatred and terror. In reality the Islam is the religion of peace, love, and harmony. Islam has always proposed to live as a unit and strength is declared as love. There are numerous quotes of Islamic teachings which prove Islam as religion of peace. Some of the quotes are such as “The best amongst you is who never harm other fellow human being”. “The one who kills a human is like he killed humanity”.

The following are the top twenty six critical facts of Islam.

  1. Islam means surrendering or submission. Islam is the religion of peace and Islam deals with surrendering oneself to God to achieve peace.
  2. The word Muslim means a person who obey the path of God. The word Muslim also means fulfilling the purpose of creating peace for which God created them.
  3. Islam is a universal religion. Islam is also the final and last religion for the universe.
  4. Islam is the only religion which has its Holy book the Noble Qur’an in its original state without any changes.
  5. The Islam has a total of five pillars. Faith in God, i.e. God is one and Prophet Mohammad is last messenger of Allah. Offering Salah five times a day. Keeping Fasts in the month of Ramadhan. Giving zakat on possessions every year. Going to Mecca for Hajj only if you have capacity.
  6. There are a total of six articles of faith in Islam. The six articles are faith in one God, faith in all prophets are true. Having faith in angels, faith in all four holy books, faith on the Day of Judgment, and faith in life hereafter.
  7. Islam is not only a religion but a complete guide of moral, intellectual, spiritual, economical, physical, and social problems.
  8. Islam is the only religion in the world which is still growing and will grow till the world ends.
  9. Islam is the only religion having no prejudices and discrimination on any basis i.e. cast, creed, and color etc.
  10. Muslims have belief that God has created the world and will end it whenever HE wants.
  11. The knowledge for the day and time of the end of world is known to God only.
  12. The concept of God in Islam is that He is loving, caring, merciful, and sympathetic.
  13. God is ruling the world and can do whatever HE want at any instance.
  14. Muslims have a belief that God has 99 names and attributes that are mentioned in Qur’an.
  15. Islam has a concept that Jesus is not died but God take Him up to sky. Jesus will come back to earth and follow teachings of Islam and spread Islam before the end of world.
  16. Muslim only worship the one and only God who is unseen and all-knowing creator.
  17. Muslims have faith that God is one and has no sibling, children, or equal.
  18. Qur’an was revealed by an angel Gabriel on to Prophet Mohammad in almost 23 years span.
  19. Qur’an was not in shape of book in reign of Prophet Mohammad. But was written in book shape in the reign of second and third caliph of Islam, Umar ibn Al-Khattab and Usman Ghani respectively.
  20. Qur’an is present in its original shape and has not been altered, neither it will have changes till end of world.
  21. Even if entire set of Qur’an present in the world are destroyed, it would not have any changes in it. This is because millions of Muslims have memorized it.
  22. Islam has not spread on the power of sword but has been over the world because of message of peace and love.
  23. Terrorism and unjustified killings are all condemned by Islam. Islam serves humanity with love and peace.
  24. The term Jihad not only means by fighting with sword. But Jihad is to fight through pen i.e. education. Jihad is to kill inner desires.
  25. Women are given a rank of respect, love, and equity in Islam. Islam has given women rights in inheritance as well.
  26. Forced marriages, honor killings, genital mutilation etc. are all prohibited in Islam.