Islam Teaches Human Values and Humanity

Islam Teaches Human Values and Humanity

Islam Teaches Human Values and Humanity: Islam is the only religion in the world having lessons of human values and humanity as well as good behavior with animals as well. The definition of humanity seems to be very easy yet it is very difficult to understand and numerous disputes have happened on its name. Humanity can be termed as the key ingredient of a society. Without humanity and human values, a society can never sustain and neither can it propel. Therefore the society whether of Muslims or non-Muslims must have the lesson of humanity and human values. The humanity can be elaborated in broader terms as the virtues and functions amid local people of society.

Islam Teaches Human Values and Humanity

Humanity and Islam:

Muslim men and women are supposed to obey the rules of humanity and human values. The Noble Qur’an and sayings of Prophet Mohammad have keenly emphasized over the importance of humanity and human values. One of the sayings of Prophet Mohammad states that “Islam is the religion of peace and harmony and is the harmony with the nature of humans”. Islam has stated the surrendering to Almighty Allah and it means the obeisance to God and creating peace within the society. The Noble Qur’an has stressed over the alignment of the humanity and religion that both should be neck to neck together.

The Definition of the Characteristics of Humans

The definition of the characteristics of humans cannot be conducted by themselves but there are numerous of reasons for the purpose and some of the most important are mentioned below.

  1. The understanding of the feelings of humans are influenced by the cultural and social behaviors, standpoints, and situations that they cater in daily lives.
  2. The people are in the continuous developmental stages and hence they are not able to exactly understand the existential dimensions of humans but as they are progressing, they are tending to do efforts to reach them.

The Impact of Belief and Faith in One God

Islam Teaches Human Values and Humanity

One of the basics beliefs of Islam is the existence of Oneness of God Almighty. According to the verse of Qur’an “HE neither begat, nor was begotten”. The faith in oneness of God is making person free of worshiping anyone else than the Almighty God. It encourages Muslims to have a belief that only God is the savior and will save them from any destruction that may occur. The faith in oneness of Almighty Allah leads a human towards the goal of having virtues throughout his/her life. The faith in oneness of God also free humans to rely on other humans.

Humans are the Central Point of Islam

Islam has introduced the concepts of human values and the preservation of humanity to establish the goal of peace and prosperity within society. The humans are blessed with endless potential for the gaining of knowledge. The humans are known as the wisest of all creatures in the universe and Almighty God has gave humans the skill and knowledge to differentiate between good and evil. None other creatures have the ability to differentiate amid evil and good.  The humans are known for their nobleness as well among all other creatures. The humans are the best creatures of the Almighty God and everything is very easy and vivid for them. According to Islam the universe is created for human beings so that they might get the lesson of good and evil. After they disease, they will get the results of what they performed after the day they were born till death. In regards to their actions i.e. virtues and evil they did on earth they will be rewarded with either life in heaven or hell.