Learn Quran Effective For Kids

Learn Quran Effective For Kids

Learn Quran Effective For Kids: Quran undeniably is the ultimate truth and the supreme source of guidance for a Muslim. A Muslim’s life flourishes under the light of Quran. It will increase the chance of having better life after we apply Quran in our lives.

But if we look neutral then we came to know that everyone can’t speak and understand Arabic language in which Holy book of Quran sent to mankind. For this purpose it is seen that in every Islamic country, area or family emphasizes their children to learn Quran in their early age.

Learn Quran Effective For Kids

We all know that Quran emphasizes to get knowledge and education. It’s not about science, arts or other subjects but to learn and understand the true meaning of Quran. What Allah Almighty is trying to say to us? Why we are obliged to learn Quran? Why it is an Islamic duty to teach our children Quran? Why Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “The best of you are those who learns Quran and teach it to others.”

In Asian countries this trend can clearly been seen that parents wants their children to learn Quran in their childhood.

What is the point behind this?

The basic logic behind this, parents wants their child to include Quran in their lives, and wants them to practice it, so it becomes their hobby from the early age and by the passage of time this habit grows stronger.

Another purpose behind it, kids are sharper than their parents or adults. They have more capacity and tendency to develop a habit and to learn something.

Kids are more influence to their parents. They try to copy their parents in every way. They try to seek their attention by copying them.

If parents are regular in their prayers, if they regularly recite’s the Quran, then how is it possible that their kids would not follow them?

But how to make it easy and how learn Quran effective for kids?

If a mother recite’s Quran in her pregnancy then her child will be familiar to Quran. Because it is a scientific fact that kids starts learning when they are in the womb of mothers.

Learn Quran effective for kids in many ways. It enhances their learning power as well sharpen their power of memorizing the things.

Parents must tell their children about Hazrat Umer (PBUH) whose heart changed after listening to the message of Quran, about Hazrat Ali (R.A) who was the youngest kid who embraced Islam.

This all will create a thirst to learn the Quran and to see what is Allah saying to us, what h wants from us? What is the basic purpose of human to come to this world?

Studying Quran to your kids is the best investment you can make in this world.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “All of you are guardians and all of you will be questioned concerning those under his guardianship and the man is the guardian over his family, and he will be questioned concerning those under his guardianship”


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