Why Marriage in Islam is So Important


Islam is a complete religion and has numerous rules which keep a balance in society. Such a balance is the rule of marriage which has been given much of importance. According to the sayings of Prophet Mohammad marriage is a must for each Muslim man and woman. It is stated that “those of you who are able to marry, should get marry as it will help them to lower the gaze and safeguard modesty”. Moreover, it has been mentioned several times that “Men and Women have been created as company for each other”. Therefore they should get married and live in a peaceful environment and worship Allah in good and bad times.

Marriage Creates a Balance and Peace within Men and Women

Zawaj is the word used for mate in Qur’an. Marriage is considered as the building block of the society. Muslim men and women are advised to get married so as to create peace and harmony in the society. Marriage is the safest and best way to get rid of sexual emotions and frustration. Marriage is the way to keep modesty level. Moreover, wife is the only relation in the world which will remain with you forever. Wives are with their husbands till death and even will stick to them in life hereafter. All other relations are not to be with you forever. For instance, either you or parents would leave you in some stage of life. Similarly, kids are also supposed to leave you. Like after marriage your daughters will shift to their husband houses while sons would start living with their wives. Prophet Mohammad has announced His blessings on those who get marry and stay happy with each other forever.

The Conditions of Marriage

Marriage is a bond of lifetime, therefore Islam has advised to choose the person wisely. There should be consent of both parties at the time of marriage. Even though love marriage is not allowed in Islam but it is obligatory seek permission from both boy and girl. Moreover, it is not a must to marry a single man or woman. A man can either marry single, widowed, or divorced woman. So as the case for women as well. Marrying a widowed or divorced woman is a Sunnah and Muslims are advised to keep the Sunnah alive. Sunnah is considered as the life of Prophet Mohammad i.e. His acts and way of spending life.

The Marriage

Marriage is done after reciting the Khutbah or Nikah. Nikah is to be done in a mosque where the men of both parties have to attend. The woman has to accept the man but the witness is took in the home not in mosque. There are two witnesses required for the Nikah from either sides. But in case of a woman to be considered as witness, two woman are required. Some sects of Islam have mentioned Marriage as a must while others have considered it as a Sunnah. Moreover, Islam has strictly forbidden dowry. Dowry has been named as the worst crime.

Marriage is the Safety Valve

Sexual relations before marriage are considered as the sin Kabirah. Kabirah sins are the biggest sins which if committed would result in the punishment of Hell. The marriage acts as the safety valve in between men and women. Marriage is the best and legal way of having sexual relations and fulfilling sexual desires. The Holy Qur’an has a verse “Do not prevent them from marrying their husbands when they agree between themselves in a lawful manner”. The verse is clearly mentioning the importance of marriage in Islam. Therefore, for the complete following of Islam, Muslim men and women are asked to get marry and have a blessed life.