Prayers for Dead in Islam

Prayers for Dead in Islam

Prayers for Dead in Islam: Funeral prayers, is a obligation for the Muslims. The guidelines for this prayers are as follows:
The lifeless individual must be a Muslim. No Funeral prayers is executed for the useless individual that is not publicly referred to as Muslim. There have to be enough proof or witness about the religion of the lifeless man or woman.
The lifeless individual is washed and shrouded in a easy shroud.

The lifeless man or woman should be in front of the imam and the gang.
The whole a part of the corpse of the lifeless man or woman, or most of the corpse must be gift. If most of the corpse or the top is not gift, the corpse isn’t washed and the funeral prayers isn’t accomplished. any such corpse is shrouded and buried with out a funeral prayers.

Prayers for Dead in Islam

Acting The prayers for dead:
The funeral prayers is accomplished status on the foot with four tekbirs. There are not any bows or prostrations.

The imam (prayer leader) stands subsequent to the dead individuals chest stage. the crowd stands behind him. The imam tells the crowd whether or not the useless individual is a person or a girl, the intend is performed according to this. that is, the intend is accomplished as; “For Salat to Allah, for pray to the dead, I go along with the imam” and tekbir is delivered. in the first tekbir, the fingers are rose to the extent of the ears, and then the fingers are wrapped beneath the hub. Subhanaka is read with the phrases “ve celle senauke”.

After that, a 2nd tekbir is introduced without growing the arms. those tekbirs are delivered through the imam brazenly, by means of the gang secretly. ” Allahumma salli and Allahumma barik prays” are read. Then, the third tekbir is added and funeral pray is read.

those that don’t recognize prayers for dead, may also read at this part “Allahumma inni nestaiynuke”; that is Kunut Prays, or Fatiha for intenton of a pray to the dead. Then, the fourth tekbir is introduced and the fingers are freed and selam is given.

Prayers for Dead in Islam

Crucial note:
the general public, in the fourth tekbir of Funeral Salat, both do no longer loose their arms or free their right palms at giving selam to the proper aspect, liberating left hand at giving selam to the left facet.
each of those, are wrong. After bringing the fourth tekbir liberating the palms after which giving selam to the each aspects is real. due to the fact, the palms are wrapped on the standings in which there’s a sunnah. at the standings in which there is no sunna, the palms are left loose.

at some point of the Funeral Salat, a few human beings rise their heads when the imam brings tekbir. this is too, a wrong behavior. the top, or some other part of the frame have to not be moved during the pray.