Problems of a Muslim man in today’s times


The current era is full of hurdles for a Muslim man. There are numerous problems that they encounter. They are being accused of terrorism and are at the stake of different prejudices. The west and even other countries are blaming Muslims for the unbalance in security and peace. But the reality is quite different than what these countries shows. Not all of Muslims are terrorists and not all non-Muslims are good and peace keepers. There are some black sheep in every sector and every religion. So as the case with religion Islam. Because of some strayed Muslims responsible for terrorism, entire followers of Islam are blamed and named terrorists. But the following are the major problems being encountered by a Muslim man in today’s time.


First of all a Muslim man cannot worship openly in today’s time. When Muslim men are about to do ablution in an open place, people look at them like they are acting some false thing. Moreover, there are no proper places for ablution in almost all buildings where Muslims work in non-Muslim states or countries. Performing daily prayers has become a big problem for them. They either don’t find time for offering prayers or are not allowed to pray in offices. Moreover, there is no dedicated place for offering prayers in most of the buildings. Fasting is also a big problem for the Muslims in non-Muslim countries. They find it difficult to know about the timings of the opening and closing of fasts.

The Attire and Dress

While living in a non-Muslim country having various prejudices towards Muslims, they cannot wear the dress they want. Muslim men cannot enjoy the attire of their religion and culture as it might be prohibited in the country in which they live. They cannot cover their heads with a cap. Moreover, the Muslim women are not allowed for the Hejab. A Muslim man cannot keep a beard as it might not be allowed or keep them under the knife of prejudices.

The Food and Drinks

While living in a non-Muslim country, the biggest problem that a Muslim man might encounter is the food and drinks. Muslims are allowed to eat Halal food only which is hard to find in non-Muslim countries. Muslims are forbidden to eat the meat of several animals such as pig etc. Muslims are also forbidden to have drinks such as alcohol and beer etc. Therefore, a Muslim man finds it very difficult to have the food and drink to have in meals and routine life.

The Social Interaction

Humans are called as the social animals but due to certain reasons a Muslim man cannot enjoy the social life. Such reasons include the prejudices towards Islam and its rules. For instance, a Muslim man is not allowed to openly interact to unknown women in any situation without proper arrangements such as Hejab. Moreover, Muslims are forbidden to have participation in activities such as late night parties etc.

Financial Matters

Even with a professional degree a Muslim man is facing difficulties in having a good job in non-Muslim country. Either the company rejects them because of the religion or offer them posts which are not suitable as compared to their education. Muslims are also forbidden to have interest or usury in any case. Now days most of the financial issues are dealt in usury and interests.

Other Bases

Whenever some bad incident happens in the west or non-Muslim countries, the first blame is towards Muslims. Whether or not the act is done by Muslim, the first doubt is on the Muslims. Such a harsh bias hurt the feelings of Muslims as well as it restrict Muslims to excel in such countries.