Quran and Science

Quran and Science

Quran and Science: Almost 1400 years ago, when Allah sent his Holy book Quran and taught us the rules to live in this world and create a place where everyone live with peace of heart and mind. It was the time when nobody wanted to be an educated individual.

At that time Allah Almighty sent his Holy book and the first revelation was:

Quran and Science

“Recite in the name of your lord who has created. He created the human from a clot of blood. Recite and your lord is most honorable, who taught (to write) with a pen, taught the human being what he knew not.” (Al-Quran)

This first revelation clearly shows that education and knowledge is one of the most important factors to improve a person’s life in Islam.

At the time of advent of Islam, people were busy in making a peaceful society where they can live and freely follow the Islamic rules.

Now if we talk about how science and Quran related, so there’s a lot of examples which can clearly relate Quran and science.

All of us surely knew the incident of “Mairaj”, when Hazrat Jibrael (A.S) came to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and tell him to go with him to see Paradise, Hell and meet with Allah Almighty.

He brought a creature just like horse with wings. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had a ride on it. It was too fast that the last thing that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) could see, that was one step of that creature. Its name was “BURAAQ”.

“BURRAQ” is derived from “Barq” which means “Electricity”. And it was too fast just like electricity. In short, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went to the vast skies. When he came back, water that was flowing on the floor when he went with Hazrat Jibrael (A.S), still flowing the door lock that was vibrating at the time of departure is still vibrating.

It clearly shows that the journey was too fast so it seems no time passed.

Now after 1400 years, science declared if something travels with the speed of light, then time stops for it. In Holy Book of Quran the concept of theory of relativity.

Science was continuously declaring that sun is a star that cannot move. In the Quran, surat Yaseen Allah says “Sun, Moon, Stars are revolving in their own orbits.”

Now science also declared that sun is not stationary it is also revolving around its axis.

In Quran Allah Almighty says, “I created everything in pair.”

When electron discovered by William Crooks, after that every scientist was wondering how it is possible that a positive force is present and there’s no opposite force is present.

Then they studied Quran and stating discovering an opposite force of electron, and in 1832 they finally discovered proton with positive charge exactly opposite to electron’s negative force.

Quran and science was always connected. Allah Almighty emphasized a lot on searching and studying your surroundings in the Holy Book of Quran which shows a lot of connections with science logics.