10 Quran Quotes That Can Make You Successful In Everyday Life


Qur’an is not mere a Holy Book but a complete way of spending life. You can take guidance from the verses of Qur’an whenever you have difficulty. The Noble Qur’an has every answer to the question that you might encounter. The Holy Qur’an had elaborated the scientific and social facts almost fourteen hundred years ago. Muslim are advised to follow the guidelines presented in Qur’an for having success in life. The Noble Qur’an has guaranteed the success for those who follow its teachings and guidelines. The following are some of the verses and quotes of Islam which demonstrate the success of a person in everyday life.

Quotes and Verses of Qur’an for Everyday Life Success

The following are the verses or quotes of the Noble Qur’an which clearly demonstrates the success in everyday life. The summary of some of the top ten quotes is explained in the proceeding points.

  1. Those who offer Prayers and give Zakat are guaranteed the success in life after death as well as in the mortal life. Islam and Qur’an has always focused on giving Zakat as it maintains the flow of money in society. While offering prayers will maintain fear of God in person’s heart and prayers are a must for each Muslim five times a day.
  2. Those of you who forbid others from wrong and stays on the path of virtues are supposed to have success in everyday life. Qur’an emphasize on staying the path of virtue no matter what happens because this the only way of getting success.
  3. For prosperity all Muslims are supposed not to have Usury in their daily life, by this prosperity and success will come to you. Usury is considered as the direct fight with Almighty God and is strictly forbidden in Islam.
  4. Have fear of Almighty God in your hearts, and stay in love and peace together as a society. By this Almighty God will shower HIS blessings on you and will give you success all through your everyday life.
  5. Those of you who are not involved in any kind of intoxicants, gambling, and the Satan’s work will be showered with blessings. Such people would be successful in everyday life and life hereafter as well. Almighty God has ensured the success of such people in everyday life who are pure and stays on the path which God has directed.
  6. The wrong doers will never prosper in either life hereafter or everyday mortal life. But only the people who stays calm, confident, and do virtue will be rewarded with the success in everyday life.
  7. Whenever the virtuous are facing problems in life, they always remember the one and only Almighty God. Such people believe that only Almighty God can make their difficulties easier and have patience and belief in God. The people are always rewarded with success and prosperity.
  8. There are clear signs of success for those who believe in Almighty God. The signs are not hidden but can be seen in everyday life. The signs are the meal that God is enabling them to have, the dress to wear, and home to live. There are infinite of such signs for believers to be successful in the everyday life.
  9. Muslims are advised to adore and bow down to one and only Almighty God, do good, and live in a peaceful environment. By this Almighty God will shower his blessings on to you and grant you success.
  10. Fear to Almighty God, listen to HIS message, follow His commandments, spend on charity, and have mercy on the orphans. By this Almighty God is assuring you the way of success in everyday life.