Top Ten Islamic Pictures of 2017


Islam is not mere a religion but a complete way of life. Islam has teachings which you can use for spending your entire life in peace and prosperity. We encounter a number of pictures in our daily life which shows that the religion of Islam is true and peaceful religion. Some of the pictures show the peace and harmony, some shows fear of Allah, while some show the equality in Islam. Islam is the only religion having same rules for both the rich and poor, white and blacks, and powerful and weaker. Below are the top ten pictures showing the religion of Islam and its teaching.

Worshiping Allah

In the picture below, a huge number of Muslims are offering prayer together. There is no concept of any kind of discrimination on any basis. All Muslims are standing side by side worshiping Allah and describing the world a picture to have equality.

Never Skipping Prayer

No matter wherever you are, never miss a prayer. Prayers are must and obligatory 5 times a day. Therefore each and every Muslim should try to offer prayers 5 times a day. Islam has some exception in the prayers. For instance, if someone is in journey, he/she can offer two rakat obligatory prayers. Moreover, Muslims can also have exception in the month of Ramadhan from keeping fasts, if they are ill or have a long journey to go.

Seeking Help from Almighty Allah

No matter how much worst situation a Muslim is facing, he/she must seek help from Allah. In situations when he/she sees no way out, only Almighty Allah can get him/her out of the situation.


When Muslims are revolving around the Holy Mecca, while repeatedly saying words meaning Allah I am present to obey and worship. No scene is better than the Muslims of world repeatedly saying the words while revolving around mecca.

The Cave of Hira

The cave of Hira is the most sacred for Muslims across world. The cave was used by Prophet Mohammad to hide from His enemies when they were planning to kill Him. This cave is visited by a lot of Muslims when they visit the Holy city of Mecca.

Reciting Holy Qur’an

Qur’an is the holy book of Islam and Muslims have to recite it with respect. Those who recite Qur’an get numerous blessings of Almighty Allah such as sharp memory and vivid face with a guarantee to be far from the fire of hell. Muslims should start teaching their kids reciting Qur’an from early childhood, so that they have habit to recite Qur’an forever.


The entire Muslims of world have a special attachment with the Majid-e-Nabvi. The grave of Prophet Mohammad is situated in the mosque. Those who visit for the purpose of pilgrimage of Hajj or Umrah are supposed to visit the Masjid-e-Nabvi. This is a beautiful masjid having capacity of thousands of Muslims praying at a time.

Taking Care of parents

Parents are granted high ranks in Islam. It is stated that the Heaven lies beneath the feet of mother. It is also stated that one should stay away from the harsh words of father because curse of father is directly accepted. Islam has warned Muslims to take care of parents if they find them in older age.

Helping Poor

Islam has always advised to help those who don’t afford meals. Islam has the teaching of equity. Therefore, Muslims across the world are advised to help those who are poor.

Helping People in Need

Islam restores one’s faith in humanity because it has teaching to help people in hour of need. Such as helping those who are blind in taking them to their destination. Helping those who are crippled etc.