Why Islam Is A Religion


Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. Islam has teaching of spreading love and coordination. Islam is a complete religion having solutions for the problems of world and life hereafter as well. Islam has the information about scientific problems and social problems as well. For instance, the big bang theory has been presented by the noble Qur’an almost fourteen hundred years ago. But now the trend has changed because many are doing baseless propagandas about Islam. Some are mentioning that Islam is not a religion while some are calling it religion of violence. But the reality is that Islam is the religion of peace and love. According to Islam if someone kills an innocent person, it resembles like he/she has killed humanity. Islam has even teachings to love the animals as well.

Beliefs in Islam

Every religion has some beliefs which are necessary for its followers to act upon. Similarly, Islam has also some points which needed to be followed by its followers always. For instance, in Islam you must believe that Allah is all alone and is controlling the universe solely. Prophet Mohammad is the last messenger of Allah and He is human being. Islam has five prayers a day for its followers in which Allah is worshiped. Islam has the best set of rules for the balanced flow of money in society i.e. Zakat.

The Sects of Islam

Islam has millions of followers all across the globe. For being a Muslim all have to believe that Allah is one and Prophet Mohammad is last messenger of Allah. All of the Muslims are not following the same way of worshiping Allah. There are numerous sects in Islam each having its own way of worshiping Allah. But their prime belief is same i.e. Allah is one and Mohammad is last messenger of Allah. Such sects includes Sunni, Shiyah, and Al-Hadis etc. Muslim men can marry to a Muslim girl from any of the sects of Islam. The Muslim men can also marry to a non-Muslim girl but her religion must be having a Holy book such as Judaism and Christianity. But a Muslim woman can never marry a non-Muslim man.

The Holy Book

Almost all the religions of world have a belief that religious book is a must. The religion of Islam also has a book known as the Noble Qur’an. Qur’an is the only book in the world which cannot be changed till the end of the universe. This is because Almighty Allah has taken its safeguard responsibility HIMSELF. Moreover, there are a number of Muslims who have memorized Qur’an. Therefore, there is no chance of any change in the Qur’an, even a change of a single word is impossible.

Teachings of Islam

The religion of Islam has teachings which are not only confined to Muslims but for all other human beings. Islam is the way of living in a society having zero tolerance for violence. Islam has teachings of peace and prosperity. Prophet Mohammad’s entire life is a symbol of creating harmony and peace within the society. After conquering Mecca, He could have punished all those who have gave Him grief and pain. But instead He make an announcement to forgive His entire enemies. Even that He proclaimed the home of His worst enemy as the place of peace. Prophet Mohammad stated in His last speech also known as the Khutba-e-Hajj that “None of the Arab man is superior to non-Arab and none of the non-Arab is superior of an Arab, on the basis of cast, creed, and color. But the basis of superiority is solely based on the virtues and piousness”. The more a person is pious, the more he is near to Allah and Prophet Mohammad.